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Celery, Chopped

Last Modified: 02/11/11
First Published: 12/09/07
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Views: 1835
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Celery, Chopped
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Celery is a green, crunchy plant that is a basis of many dishes. Along with onions and carrots, celerycelery contributes to the mirepoix, or the holy trinity of French cooking.

Celery offers a crunchy texture and a quite distinctive flavor. It is suitable to use in salads as well as soups, stews and other dishes where it lends depth and aroma. Celery contains high levels of vitamin K as well as some vitamin C and potassium among other vitamins and compounds.

The seeds, the roots and the leaves of the celery are also used in cooking as both ingredients and flavorings.

Celery can go from crisp to limp in a few days. To brighten loose celery stalks up, place them in a glass of water overnight.

A serving size is about 1/2 cup or the size of 1 large stalk.

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