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Onion, Red Diced

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First Published: 12/09/07
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Views: 924
red onions
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Onion, Red Diced
Price: $0.53
Calories: 67.00
Volume: 1.00

Red onions are commonly slightly sweeter than yellow onions and they have a mild flavor. Whereas yellow onions are almost always cooked, red onions are often served raw in salads and dishes or lightly cooked. Sometimes red onions are called purple onions, due to their purple color.

Other popular onion types include white onions, leeks and shallots. Onions have a high water content and will therefore shrink considerably when cooked over low heat. When onion release their water and start to caramelize, their flavor changes and becomes sweeter.

Onions have been used in cooking for a very long time. The first samples of onions found date back to 5000 BC. It was cultivated in Egypt along with leeks and garlic and was a common fare in ancient Greece as well as during the middle ages.

Onions contain various anti-inflammatory components as well as antioxidant and are used for medicinal purposes in many parts of the world. Onions are rich in chromium, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and various flavonoids among other things.


red onions: $1.49 lb, one is about ½ lb

Serving size is about 1/2 cup or the size of a medium apple.

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