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What Fish & Seafood is Best To Grill

Last Modified: 08/15/10
First Published: 08/15/10
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Views: 674
To grill fish and seafood can really translate into a wonderful meal and experience. Fish on the grill can taste much better then cooked with other methods, however not all kinds of seafood are as appropriate for the grill asscallops others.

So what type of dish and seafood is the best to grill?

Well, first of all it's a good idea to pick fish that holds together well. That would include firm fleshed fish such as salmon, tuna, swordfish and halibut. Another great option would be oily fishes such as fresh sardines and mackerel. These types of fish are great because it won't matter as much if they over cook, and they are truly delicious.

When buying fish to cook on the grill, it's usually a good idea to buy fish with the skin on. The skin will protect the fish and and keeps the flesh from falling apart, plus the fish will be more moist and flavorful. Some smaller fishes such as sardines can be gutted and then stuffed with herbs and citrus, at which point they are grilled. That makes for a delicious meal where everybody gets their very own fish.

Another option for the grill is shrimp and scallops. They are great because they cook so quickly and they will take on the slightly smoky aroma of the grill which will lend itself very well to other flavors. Shrimp you can either put on skewers or fry in a pan, or directly on the grill.

One problem with grilling fish on the grill can be stickiness. The best thing to do in order to combat this is to clean the grates carefully. Another thing to think about (however this applies to anything you grill), is to make sure the grill is hot enough when you place your food on it. Next, make sure to not turn the food too often. You need to develop a seared surface as then it will be much easier to turn.