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Why It's Better To Drink at Home Than in a Bar

Last Modified: 03/06/08
First Published: 03/06/08
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Views: 2286

While an evening out can certainly be a good time, it can also be remarkably expensive, especiallymargaritas if one drink turns into two or three. With an increasingly bad economy, people are looking for ways to save money, and if a night out is part of your weekly routine, then you can save considerably by stocking a bar at home.

To make up for the lost atmosphere that a nice bar or restaurant provides, invite some friends over, put on some music, dim the lights and make a night out of it. Have fun, enjoy a tasty cocktail and sleep well, knowing that you stayed well within your budget.

Reasons For Drinking at Home:

1. It is unquestionably cheaper. We all know that a night on the town can turn very expensive. With drink prices averaging between $7 - $15, you can easily make the same drink for $1 - $4 at home.

2. You can experiment and try different drinks that you wouldn’t have ordered out. With a couple of standard liquors as well as juices and flavorings, you can make a lot of different cocktails – purchase a cheap drink book or use the world wide web for ideas.

Drink Recipes

Blue Moon with Gin - $1.13 per serving

Classic Easy Margarita - $2.79 per serving

Cappuccino Martini - $1.45 per serving

Real Daiquiri with Lime and Simple Syrup - $1.39 per serving

Gin & Tonic with Lemon - $1.13 per serving

Real Piña Colada - $1.34 per serving

Bombay Sapphire Gin Martini - $3.57 per serving

Bloody Mary - $1.20 per serving

Red Wine Spritzers - $1.86 per serving

3. You can use good liquor. If you prefer good scotch, Bombay gin in your martini or Maker’s Mark bourbon in your manhattan, but always find it to be too expensive to order out, why not make it at home. Invest in a good bottle and know that you will get many drinks out of it for the same price as one night out would have cost you.

4. You can drink more. Not that we are encouraging people to drink huge amounts – but if you make drinks at homes, you can certainly afford that second or third drink that would break your budget in a bar.

5. There is no issue with driving. When you’re home, you don’t have to go anywhere and you can relax more. If you have friends over – let them stay on the couch.

6. You can make interesting appetizers or food to go with your drinks. When you’re home it’s easy to fetch a couple of appetizers or cook up a dinner. Sure, there will be dishes, but if you split the cleaning it won’t be too bad.

7. You can control the quality of your drink. Sometimes when you order a nice drink out, you get disappointed with a watered-down version of what you expected. When you make your own drinks, you can control the outcome precisely.

8. It’s fun. Invest in a Boston shaker and practice the art of drink making. Once you get the hang of it, you can easily impress your friends with your superior skills…