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Making a Special Breakfast in Bed Tray

Last Modified: 05/19/10
First Published: 05/19/10
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Views: 1017
Treating somebody to breakfast in bed can be really nice. It's something that we might do on special occasions, however it's not too hard or cumbersome to do, so maybe we should do it a bit more frequently. It's always nice to see that a bit more thought and effort went into the breakfast tray, both when it comes to the choice of food and drinks but also regarding presentation.

Here are a couple of ideas to make your breakfast tray extra inviting, no matter whether you're treating someone special, or if you're just preparing one for yourself on a lazy Sunday morning.

If you have the time, then freshly baked bread is always a hit. Scones or biscuits are pretty quick and next to some butter and jam it would make a nice breakfast. If you're interested in baking real yeast bread, then making dough for some rolls the night before and shape them before you go to bed. Then next morning you simply put the oven on early, then pop the bread in the oven. Your whole house will smell wonderful and it would be a nice treat to serve for breakfast in bed.

Drinks are important. If the person loves tea for instance, choose a nice loose leaf kind and make a fresh pot or cup. When it comes to coffee, a French press is nice to bring along. Or make regular coffee and put in a pot or thermos so you can help yourself to seconds. Also don't forget the cream and sugar!

You can never go wrong with some fresh fruit. It doesn't have to be too fancy, perhaps a plate of peeled orange slices or some fresh berries. Or if you want to go all out, make a nice fruit salad and include some rare fruits you don't have everyday such as kiwis, mangos and passion fruit for example. If you're serving fruit, it might be nice to serve some yogurt alongside.

Eggs and Bacon
If you want to make a real hardy breakfast, then you simply can't go wrong with eggs and bacon. Just make sure the eggs don't sit too long before you bring in the tray, nobody likes cold eggs. One alternative is to boil a couple of eggs and bring in, that way they stay warm longer. Otherwise make sure frying the eggs is the last thing you do before bringing the tray in.

If you want to make your tray feel extra special, then a couple of things are nice to do. First of all, choose a pretty fabric or paper napkin and line the tray with. Bring a couple of extra napkins, just in case. If this is in the summer or spring, then a small vase or glass of flowers is a nice addition (it could be just one flower in a small vase). If it's during the winter or fall and it's still dark, then light a candle and put it on the tray.