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Tips When Shopping For Fish

Last Modified: 08/23/10
First Published: 08/23/10
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Views: 668
Buying the right fish in the grocery store can be a bit tricky, after all we want to make sure we get a fresh piecefish that is of high quality. When you want to buy some nice fish, first of all, go to a store that sells a lot of fish. This is important, as you want to buy from a store where the fish isn't laying around.

Next, if the fish in the store smells fishy, then it's not good. It is true that some fish species smell fishier than others, but generally you want an aroma of ocean to penetrate the store, not a distinctively fishy smell. If the fish has a fishy aroma, then it's not very fresh, or the surfaces aren't very clean.

If you're looking to buy a whole fish, then it should be kept iced and fillets and steaks should be refrigerated. Also take a look at the fish you want to buy; does the skin look fresh, the eyes clear? If you're buying plastic wrapped fillets, don't buy those with liquid in the bottom of the package. You don't want mushy fish, so make sure to inspect the goods before you buy them. If you can, smell the fish before buying it. Another thing to look for, if you're in a place where the fish is very fresh, is a luminous slime that looks a bit like gelatin that hasn't set. You will see this right after the fish has been caught and if it's only been dead for a few hours – if you do see this, then the fish is indeed very fresh.

And lastly, you're the customer, so don't be afraid to ask questions. When was this caught? Is this species sustainable? Where is it from? What's the freshest catch you've got? Remember, you're the one spending money on this product, therefore you have the right to ask questions to ensure you get the very best.