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Culinary Vacation Ideas

Last Modified: 03/11/08
First Published: 03/11/08
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Views: 1356
Are you interested in food and tired of simply relaxing on a beach during your travels? Perhapspineapple this year it’s time to try something other than sun bathing, swimming and shopping. A culinary vacation is a perfect opportunity to learn something new, relax and have fun while on vacation. There are a number of different food inspired travel adventures one can attend such as Italian cooking classes, wine country browsing, gourmet cruise cooking classes as well as various food fairs and festivals.

It is a good idea to consider what kind of vacation you are looking for. Do you want a very active environment where you will learn many things or are you looking for something more leisurely? If you are interested in a group vacation then the size of the group might make a difference as well. Do you prefer a more intimate group of people or a larger number of participants?

Here are some different culinary vacations to consider:

- Travel Cooking Classes
Have you always dreamt of visiting Provence or perhaps Tuscany? Or maybe you love Thai food, Indian food or Chinese food? Then maybe attending a cooking class while traveling would be a perfect opportunity. Check your local travel agency for a specific cuisine vacation, or venture out on your own and book a class at a specific location.

- Wine Country Vacation
Is wine a big interest of yours? Are you looking to travel in a leisured way while sampling Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays? In California and Oregon you can find many wineries that are located closely together. If you are looking for a trip overseas than Italy and France in particular provide many vineyards. Either sign up for a wine classes at one winery in particular for a more formal education, or cruise the wine country on your own.

- Culinary Cruises
Would you like to join food and wine enthusiast around the world on a cruise? Then you have many options to consider. There are several wine and culinary cruises worldwide that provide different classes, lectures and even food festivals at sea.

- Food Festivals & Fairs
All around the world, there are constantly a food festival or fair of some kind going on. Perhaps the German beer festival Oktoberfest, the Italian chocolate festival Eurochocolate, or the South African Prickly Pear Festival would be a reason to travel to one of these exotic destinations.