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Inexpensive Ingredients in Recession

Last Modified: 02/26/09
First Published: 02/26/09
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Views: 1312

fake cinnamon

Fake Cinnamon


Real Cinnamon

In these times of dear money many people may be tempted to use discount stores, see Dollar Stores to purchase food ingredients.bad cinnamon We were quite surprised when we opened a bottle of "Spice Pantry" ground cinnamon. As you can see from the photos above the first picture is the fake cinnamon and the photo below is cinnamon from a reputable grocery store.

The consistency was amazingly different. It seems that the top photo is not one thing. If you look closely it is mixed with many other ingredients.

We have guessed that it must be some part cinnamon because it smells a little like the spice but does not taste like it. It looks like it is mixed with various sorts of organic fillers, but you can easily see from the photo that is does not look like cinnamon.

We have heard before that people should be careful buying any food type products at discount dollar stores but this is the first time we have seen this type of bad product up close.

Unfortunately if you want good quality food products you probably need to spend a little more than $1. Lets hope people watch out for what they buy, especially when they are eating it.