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Ideas for What To Do with Leftover Ham

Last Modified: 08/02/10
First Published: 08/02/10
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Views: 886
If you have cooked a big ham for the holidays and have lots of leftovers, well don't despair! Ham is such a hamversatile meat that is really easy to make various dishes with, it will be gone in no time.

The first thing on the agenda, is of course sandwiches. Sandwiches with good ham can be simple or more extravagant. An example of a simple ham sandwich would be one with some good mustard and perhaps some pickles. For a more extravagant sandwich, you can't go wrong with the French croque monsieur which is made with Gruyère, a cheese sauce and ham toasted in the oven on good bread.

Another favorite of ours is to chop up some ham meat, fry it in a sautee pan and fill crepes with along with feta cheese. This is a wonderful combination that is so tasty and easy to do.

Ham is a great ingredient for various casseroles; it gives flavor and it adds a heartiness. Try casseroles with vegetables, cheese and ham for a delightful, yet easy dinner.

If you have a ham bone left with some quichemeat on it, then you can't go wrong with split peas soup. This soup allows all the flavor to come from the bone as it simmers for hours. This is indeed a perfect dish to make after a cooked ham, and if you're sick of ham after days of eating it, then you could always freeze the soup to eat later.

Other great options, include putting ham in a quiche, in omelets, or to stir chunks into macaroni and cheese, just to mention a few possibilities.