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How To Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Last Modified: 05/31/10
First Published: 05/31/10
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Views: 1063

Getting into good eating habits starting with breakfast...

You've heard it before: breakfast is an important part of the day. If you start your day with a substantial meal you will most likely be more alert during the day and you won't over eat later on. Some people think that skipping breakfast is a good way of reducing calories, when in fact this puts your body in an unbalanced state and you end up eating more later in the day.


Many people have terrible breakfast habits: it's common to eat pop tarts, muffins and scones which are high in sugar and low in grains and protein. Others might think they are eating a good breakfast through cereal, however if you're reaching for the sugary cereal which contain more sugar than many cakes and cookies, then you're not any closer to getting into good habits.

One big problem is sugar. Sugar seems to be everywhere when it come to breakfast: in cereal, in pop tarts, in scones, in syrup which cover pancakes and waffles, in breakfast sausage, the list goes on...

granolaMany people think that it's difficult or complicated to make a good breakfast in the morning when you're stressed out and tired. However, it does not have to be very cumbersome to set up a substantial meal which will take you through the day. There are a couple of staple items to consider which are filling and easy to prepare: eggs first of all can be varied endlessly, secondly whole wheat toast with toppings such as nut butter, sliced turkey or cheese. Oatmeal is another winner and so is yogurt or milk with the right kind of cereal or granola and fruit.

A good breakfast should be:

- Filling and substantial (you don't want to be hungry within the hour!) On this count you can't beat eggs.

- Easy enough to prepare (if takes too long you simply won't do it.)

- Tasty (nobady wants to eat food that doesn't taste good.)

- Balanced and contain some protein, fat and carbohydrates (some fruit with each breakfast meal also doesn't hurt!).

The following breakfast ideas are easy to prepare and substantial for your body:eggs


- scrambled eggs
- boiled eggs
- frittata
- omelet


- full fat yogurt with fruit, nuts & unsweetened cereal or granola
- unsweetened cereal with whole milk + fruit
- old fashioned unsweetened oatmeal with fresh fruit (add: milk, a touch of maple syrup or a teaspoon brown sugar)

- pop tarts
- sugary muffins and cakes

Instead try:
- whole grain toast with fruit marmalade or honey
- whole grain toast with almond or peanut butter

Avoid too often:
- bacon, sausage (processed meat)

Instead try:
- unprocessed turkey / chicken / roast beef  …  either on a piece of bread or scrambled with eggs or in an omelet

- pancakes, French toast or waffles swimming in sweet syrup

Instead try:
- eat fewer pancakes, French toasts or waffles and serve them with fresh fruit and perhaps some cottage cheese or ricotta cheese with a touch of syrup

If you get in the habit of switching your go-to-snacks such as pre-made pop tarts, frozen waffles and breakfast sausage on a continous basis when it comes to breakfast, then you will soon notice you have more energy to get through the day and you will overall feel better.