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The New York Times Explores the Rising Costs of Food

Last Modified: 03/15/08
First Published: 03/15/08
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Views: 1625
In The New York Times article “Cost Surge For Stocking The Pantry” information about the rising food costs confirms again that it’s much more expensive nowadays to feed your family. According to this article, milk is up 17%, cheese 15%, rice and pasta 13%, bread 12% and eggs has increased by 25% since February 2007 and 62% in the last two years.
food costs
Graph from The New York Times

Government figures released Friday showed that grocery costs had jumped 5.1 percent in 12 months, the latest in a string of increases. In fact, the nation is undergoing its worst grocery inflation since the early 1990s.Cost Surge For Stocking The Pantry

Unfortunately, food prices aren’t likely to recede in the near future. With the high price of wheat we might soon see even higher prices where cereal and baking products are concerned.

For consumers around the country, there isn’t much we can do, except becoming even more clever at the grocery store, cook at home and find new ways to make our dollars reach further.

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