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Test your Culinary Knowledge

Last Modified: 09/18/13
First Published: 12/07/07
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Views: 5874 presents a culinary quiz available for anyone to take. Is your cooking knowledgecutting equivalent to that of a Prep Cook, a Line Cook, a Sous Chef or a Head Chef? Take the test and find out!

The quiz will bring up questions related to cooking terms, recipes, ingredients, methods and products. For example, do you know what a Jicama is? What does the term Beurre Manie refer to? How many calories does an egg contain? What does xxx sugar mean?

The test is composed of a series of questions that have different difficulty levels. You are assigned a score as soon as you start taking the test. The more questions you answer, the more accurate your score will become.

So, how well informed are you when it comes to cooking? Will you rank at top of you class or will you barely pass your exam? Check out to find out...