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Cooking Class Vacation

Last Modified: 03/11/08
First Published: 03/11/08
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Views: 1680
A cooking class vacation is perfect if you’re looking to do something more active during your travels. Not only will you have a good time, you will also learn something new. For some people this is their perfect idea of a relaxing time – new experiences, excellent food and a new environment.

When you are deciding what kind of cooking school you would like, you might want to consider the size of the class. Do you prefer a more intimate group of people or a larger number of participants? What about the length of the class? While some people might find it enough to attend a one day class – others might want to attend a whole week worth of lessons.

One can attend may different kinds of cooking schools – you can probably find one close to where you live or you can travel the world in search of the optimal food experience. Do you love a specific cuisine such as Thai, Indian or Chinese cooking or do you simply want to gain fundamental cooking skills? Then let your culinary preferences guide you in search for the perfect cooking vacation. Here are couple of locations that might appeal to you.

- American Cooking Classes
Why go too far? Each state has its own specific culinary culture and cooking classes are provided at a variety of locations - take an opportunity to explore America through its food. No matter whether you’re interested in traveling to Sonoma Valley or Santa Fe, you’re sure to find an interesting class that will suit your schedule.

- Italian Cooking Classes
Think Tuscany, Florence, Rome… Cooking is very much part of the Italian culture and learning how to make your own pasta while sampling a local wine and a piece of Pecorino Romano, might very well be reason enough to make that long sought-after trip.

- French Cooking Classes
In order to learn the fundamentals of cooking, one might think that France would be the optimal location. Whether you’re looking to travel through Provence or stay in Paris, you will have lots of options as to what to choose.

- Baking Classes
If you have a passion for baking, you will learn many interesting techniques and gain valuable knowledge when attending a baking class. The French Culinary Institute as well as King Arthur Flour are some examples of places that provide a variety of baking classes.

- Asian Cooking Classes
Are you dreaming of traveling further and experiencing exotic flavors? Then why not travel to Japan, Thailand, or India for example and learn about regional flavors and techniques?