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Rachael Ray's Amaretti Ice Cream Dessert

Last Modified: 02/15/08
First Published: 12/20/07
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Views: 916

This dessert is relatively easy to make but quite high in calories as well as in cost. Ice cream, amaretto liqeuer and amaretto cookies all contribute to the calorie content. This recipe might be generously measured since you could probably serve this to 4-6 people, in which case the calories per serving would be reduced. Amaretto is a liqeuer made with almonds and can usually be found by various brands.


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General Info
Servings: 4
Total Cost: $8.24
Cost Per Serving: $2.06
Total Calories: 2,968
Calories/Serving: 742
Cookies, Amaretti * 240.00 Grams $4.31 960
Amaretto 4 Fl Ounces 112.00 Grams $1.58 440
Ice Cream, Vanilla 4 Cups 576.00 Grams $1.71 1,160
Almonds, Whole * 2.00 Ounces $0.50 328
Whipped Light Cream Sweetened 8 Tablespoons 28.00 Grams $0.14 80

16 amaretti cookies, crumbled
4 shots amaretto or other almond liqueur
8 scoops French vanilla ice cream
Whipped cream, in canister
1/4 cup or 1 (2-ounce) package slivered almonds


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