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Rachael Ray's Roasted Beef Tenderloin with Roasted Pepper and Black Olive Sauce

Last Modified: 02/16/08
First Published: 12/18/07
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Views: 1518

Beef tenderloin is one of the most expensive cuts of meats. To lower the cost of this dish, try to find a good deal at large, discount store for the meat. Sometimes you can find a large tenderloin at a good price, however then you have to cut and clean the meat yourself.

If you can't find really good quality kalamata olives, then use regular black olives and add one or two anchovies, finely minced. The saltiness of the anchovies add a similar touch without giving a distinctive flavor.


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General Info
Servings: 8
Total Cost: $31.88
Cost Per Serving: $3.98
Total Calories: 3,955
Calories/Serving: 494
Beef, Tenderloin * 2.50 Pounds $24.96 2,390
Olive Oil, Extra Virgin 4 Tablespoons 54.00 Grams $0.80 477
Roasted Red Peppers * 700.00 Grams $4.36 875
Garlic 1 Tablespoon 8.50 Grams $0.04 13
Parsley, Fresh, Chopped 1/2 Cup 75.00 Grams $1.25 0
Olives, Black Pitted (1 cup) * 4.00 Ounces $0.43 195
Salt, Table 1 Teaspoon 6.00 Grams $0.01 0
Black Pepper, Ground 1 Teaspoon 2.13 Grams $0.02 5

8 servings

2 (2 to 2 1/2 pound) center-cut pieces beef tenderloin – ask the butcher to give you 2 pieces for use in a Chateaubriand recipe
Extra virgin olive oil, for coating roasts, plus 3 tablespoons for sauce
Grill seasoning (recommended: Montreal Steak Seasoning for Steak by McCormick)
5 whole roasted red peppers, coarsely chopped, well drained and pat dry
2 cloves garlic, popped from skin
Handful flat-leaf parsley
1 cup good quality pitted black olives, from bulk bins, such as kalamata, drained well
Salt and pepper

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