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Salt, Kosher

Last Modified: 03/17/11
First Published: 12/12/07
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Views: 6624
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Salt, Kosher
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Salt, Kosher is a distinct small, flake-style crystalkosher salt

much larger than common table-salt and contains sodium chloride. "The texture and shape of kosher-style salt is lighter and more delicate than a typical fine grain salt."

Kosher salt dissolves quickly and evenly into foods when cooking and adds a slight crunch when sprinkled over dishes.

Usually twice as much kosher salt by volume replaces table salt.

Serving size is 1/4 teaspoon, 1.2 grams and 0 calories.

Kosher salt is used on meats, chicken, vegetables, pasta or cooked dishes and for brushing on breads, rools, bagels and soft pretzels before baking.


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