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Ginger Root

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First Published: 12/13/07
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Views: 967
ginger root
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Ginger Root
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Calories: 2.00
Volume: 1.00

Ginger Root is a rhizome having a firm, striated texture that adds a pungent and spicy flavor to cooked dishes. Young ginger rhizomes are juicy and fleshy with a mild taste.

Fresh ginger offers a superior flavor over the dried. Peeling the skin the ginger then can be sliced, minced or julienned. Added to the beginning of a dish the ginger has a softer flavor whereas at the end it offers a more pungent flavor.

Methods of cooking include fresh vegetables, salad dressings, rice dishes and teas.

1 tablespoon is about 5 grams and 18 calories.

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