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Coriander Seed, Ground

Last Modified: 03/14/11
First Published: 01/05/08
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Views: 1019
Ingredient Information

Coriander Seed, Ground
Price: $1.25
Calories: 15.00
Volume: 1.00

Coriander Seed, Ground - 1 teaspoon is 2 grams and 5 calories.

Coriander is the seed of a small plant, round on one end being slightly pointed and the other slightly flattened with ridges and usually brown in color with a light lemony flavor.

Considered to be both an herb and a spice since the leaves and seeds are a flavoring condiment.

Found ground and whole with the seeds being sweet and aromatic and the taste warm, mild and sweetish.

Commonly used in roasts, curry powders, stews, soups, smoked meats, puddings, gran marsala, pickling spices, lamb, stuffing, ham, pork and chicken.

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