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Ginger, Crystallized

Last Modified: 03/08/11
First Published: 12/17/07
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Views: 830
crystallized ginger
Ingredient Information

Ginger, Crystallized
Price: $4.76
Calories: 100.00

Ginger, Crystallized

1 piece is about 5 grams

Serving size is about 1.4 ounces, 41 grams and 150 calories

The unique aroma is rich, sweet, warm and woody. Perfect with candies, baked goods, cooked dishes, tea, stir-frys, desserts or as a snack with a slightly biting and spicy flavor.

Crystallized ginger can replace fresh ginger, just wash off the sugar.

A good source of potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese and B6.

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