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Macadamia Nuts

Last Modified: 06/01/11
First Published: 12/13/07
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Views: 828
macadamia nuts
Ingredient Information

Macadamia Nuts
Price: $1.70
Calories: 962.00
Volume: 1.00

Macadamia Nuts - 1 ounce or about 10-12 are 28 grams and 203 caloires. A hard shelled nut with a good source of protein, minerals and healthy monosaturated fats with a "rich, buttery, delicate flavor and smooth texture".

The sweet taste and unique flavor is ideal for baked goods of cookies, cakes, chocolate, ice cream, candies, salads, stuffings, cereals or eaten as a snack.macadamia nuts

Sold dry roasted - salted and unsalted, raw or as nut oil.

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