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Sunflower Seeds, Hulled

Last Modified: 06/02/11
First Published: 01/13/08
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Views: 920
sunflower kernels
Ingredient Information

Sunflower Seeds, Hulled
Price: $0.17
Calories: 330.00
Volume: 0.33

Sunflower Seeds, Hulled - A healthy, delicious and nutritious snack with a mild nutty taste having a firm yet tender texture.

An excellent source of Vitamin E, nutrients and fiber that is found shelled, unshelled, raw or roasted.

The unique taste and texture makes a nice garnish for green salads, cereals, tuna, chicken, breads, baked goods and scrambled eggs as well as a snack.

Best kept in the refrigerator because of its high fat content a serving size is about 1/4 cup (30 grams) and 190 calories.


sunflower seeds

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