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Brazil Nuts

Last Modified: 05/20/11
First Published: 12/13/07
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Views: 813
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Brazil Nuts
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Calories: 137.00

Brazil Nuts are roughly triangular and oily that are grown in the wild. One of the largest of the consumed nuts that are tasty with a "textured crunch".

A good source of vitamins, minerals (especially selenium) but high in saturated fats. They can be found raw - shelled and unshelled, roasted, salted and unsalted.

Commonly used in bakery dishes, ice cream, chocolate, stuffings, stir-frys or as a topping on cereals and salads because of their rich taste.

A serving size is about 8 medium or 30 grams.

Dried and unblanched = 1 ounce or 6 kernels is 28 grams and 185 calories.

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