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Hazelnuts Or Filberts

Last Modified: 06/01/11
First Published: 12/13/07
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Views: 873
hazelnuts or filberts
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Hazelnuts Or Filberts
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Calories: 722.00
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Hazelnuts Or Filberts

10 nuts is about 14 grams and 88 calories. The ground nuts, hazelnuts, filberts or cobbnuts are used in breads, pastries and confections or in combination with chocolate as in chocolate truffles and nutella, with the filberts being smaller in size than hazelnuts.

For a richer flavor roast the hazelnuts before grinding or chopping. They are also rich in protein and unsaturated fat. The nutritious sweet tasting nuts can be eaten whole, ground, flaked or made into butter, oil or as hazelnut flour.

1 cup shelled is about 5 ounces.

Measurements from the
1 pound in-shell hazelnuts = 1 1/2 cups hazelnut kernels
1 pound hazelnut kernels = 3 1/4 cups
1 cup hazelnut kernels = 1 1/8 cups coarsely chopped
1 cup hazelnut kernels = 1 1/4 cups, finely chopped
1 cup hazelnut kernels = 1 1/3 cups ground


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