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Bananas, Whole

Last Modified: 02/18/11
First Published: 12/11/07
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Views: 1617
Ingredient Information

Bananas, Whole
Price: $0.25
Calories: 121.00
Volume: 1.00

banana Bananas, Whole - one banana is about 136 grams and a serving size.

Prices can fluctuate seasonally for bananas. We have noticed that the range is about $0.59/lb to $1 or more a pound.

Bananas are sweet with a firm creamy flesh inside a yellow peel. Grown in clusters and found all year round.

Flavor and texture range from being sweet and others having a starchy characteristic. A good source of vitamins B6, C, potassium and fiber.

Eaten raw, in salads or baked goods.

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