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Key Limes

Last Modified: 02/20/11
First Published: 07/07/08
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Views: 874
key limes
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Lime, Key
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Calories: 10.00

key limeKey Limes are generally very small. These were about 1 ounce each, and a pound of them produced about 12 tablespoons of juice. So from this you can see that 1 key lime will give you less than 1 tablespoon of juice.

If you are going to make any sour cocktails you might be better off using regular limes or a lemon, lime combination.

Serving size is about 1 medium.

Glossy and light to deep green the citrus fruit is oval or round in shape and an excellent source of vitamin C.

A nice garnish which adds a tangy flavor but can be eaten raw or used in baked or grilled dishes.

Key limes are smaller and more acidic than the Tahitian variety.

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