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Vegetable Cooking Time Chart: Boiling & Steaming

Last Modified: 05/28/10
First Published: 05/28/10
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It can be tricky to cook vegetables to perfection since you want them to be cook through, but not be mushy and overly soft. To boil or steam are great ways to cook vegetables, however all veggies are not the same. vegetables

Here is a list of different vegetables and their respective required boiling and steaming times:

Boil 2-4 minutes
Steam 4-6 minutes

Boil 30-40 minutes
Steam 30-40 minutes

Boil 2-4 minutes
Steam 4-6 minutes

Brussels Sprouts
Boil 6-8 minutes
Steam 7-9 minutes

Boil 3-4 minutes
Steam 5-6 minutes

Boil 5-7 minutes
Steam 7-9 minutes

Green Beans
Boil 3-5 minutes
Steam 6-8 minutes

Boil 16-22 minutes
Steam 18-24 minutes

Snap Peas
Boil 3-4 minutes
Steam 5-7 minutes

Snow Peas
Boil 2-3 minutes
Steam 4-6 minutes

Winter Squash
Boil 10=12 minutes
Steam 12-14 minutes

Sweet Potatoes
Boil 10-12 minutes
Steam 12-14 minutes

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