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How To Freeze Bread and Prevent Slices From Sticking Together

Last Modified: 12/27/11
First Published: 12/27/11
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Views: 3930

Few things are as frustrating as when your slices of frozen bread are sticking together and you can't separate them without breaking them completely! Usually this is not really a problem with store-bought sliced bread, but if you have baked a loaf on your own which you have sliced and then frozen, then more often than not, there is the issue of the slices sticking together. And while not the biggest issue in the world (with a sharp knife and some finesse you can usually separate the slices) messing around with your bread and getting frustrated is not really what you want to do in the morning when you're rushing to prepare breakfast or lunch sandwiches.

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The solution? Utilize the same technique as we usually apply when freezing beans and chickpeas. Slice the bread, then distribute the slices on a sheet pan and place the sheet pan in the freezer for a good hour or until the slices are frozen. At this point you move the slices from the sheet pan and place them in a plastic bag and then back in the freezer.

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This is an easy method which will completely eliminate any sticking. It is a little bit of work freezing the slices on a sheet pan beforehand, however it saves you aggravation later on, so we think it's worth it. Also, you must not forget the bread slices on the sheet pan because if they are left open in the freeze for any extended period of time, then the bread will get freezer burn and it won't taste very good at all.

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So, for bread slices which are easy to get to and that won't stick together, we recommend this method. Then it will be easy to get your bread out of the freezer and toast, make sandwiches or whatever you're looking to do.

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