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How to Roast Peppers (How To Peel Peppers)

Last Modified: 08/26/10
First Published: 10/22/07
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Views: 8476

Roasting your peppers enables you to peel them and it also enhance their taste. The flavor changes and becomesred_peppers slightly sweeter and more concentrated. Roasting also enables you to peel peppers quite easily, where as if you don't roast them they are practically impossibly to peel.

Roasted peppers are wonderful in many dishes, either simply with some Italian meats and cheeses, on pizza, in sandwiches or in soup. You could even make a variation on tomato soup and replace the tomatoes with roasted peppers instead – perfect with pasta or on pizza.

The technique utilized to roast peppers is simple:

1. Roast whole peppers in the oven on high heat (around 425 F) or under the broiler, until the skin have blackened slightly. This will take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes depending on the size of your peppers and your roasting technique.

2. Immediately place the peppers in a plastic bag, seal and let cool.

3. After about 10 minutes, remove from the plastic bag and peel the peppers with your hands. The skin will come off quite easily.

4. Cut the peppers up and remove the seeds. Either utilize right away or store in an air-tight container.


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