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How To Blanche Tomatoes (How To Peel Tomatoes)

Last Modified: 08/25/10
First Published: 10/22/07
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Views: 14317

Many tomato dishes such as tomato sauce and tomato soup requires peeling the skin off a tomato. While peeling a fresh tomato is almost impossible, it's quite easy to peel a blanched tomato.

Blanching is very simple and can be utilized with different kinds of vegetables. Other uses for blanching includes softening a vegetable or preserving its color.


Simple technique for blanching tomatoes:

1.Cut a little cross mark on the bottom of the tomato

2.Immerse in some boiling water for about 15-30 seconds.

3.Let cool (here you can utilize an ice bath for an effective cool down)

4.Peel the tomato either with your hands or with a small pairing knife.

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