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How To Cook Artichokes

Last Modified: 03/05/12
First Published: 03/04/12
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Views: 2105

Artichokes are definitely interesting: they are unlike most other vegetables with their unique form and taste. Artichoke heads and a nice dipping sauce make a great nibble: appetizer, snack or part of a meal. It's great conversation food because it takes a long time to eat, you can relax, dip a petal and have a drink.

So how do you prepare artichokes? The easiest way to cook artichokes is to simply boil them in salted water. For that you need a relatively large pot filled with water. Artichokes range in size from very large to quite small. If you are cooking the large ones, then you will indeed need a large pot to fit one not to mention several, properly.

Bring the salted water to a boil, add the artichokes. The water should cover them for best result. Depending on the size of the artichokes, boil them for 30 - 50 minutes. When an artichoke is done, the outer leaves will let go easily.

Let cool for a good 10 minutes, then serve just the way they are. Enjoy them by taking one petal at a time, dipping it in a sauce, or butter mixed with lemon juice. Strip the artichoke this way until you reach the center. At that point, cut off the top of the very center which has fussy petals to reach the heart. Enjoy the heart just like the petals, dipped in butter or sauce.

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