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How to make Salisbury Steak

Last Modified: 05/22/14
First Published: 01/11/10
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Views: 1809
salisbury steak

Salisbury Steak with Beef Bottom Round

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General Info
Servings: 6
Total Cost: $15.47
Cost Per Serving: $2.58
Total Calories: 4,748
Calories/Serving: 791
Beef, Bottom Round * 4.50 Pounds $13.59 4,274
Chicken Broth 2 1/2 Cups 607.50 Grams $0.27 30
Carrots * 0.50 Pound $0.25 92
Celery, Chopped * 0.50 Pound $0.25 32
Onion, Yellow Diced * 1.00 Pound $1.00 190
Black Pepper, Ground 1 Tablespoon 6.40 Grams $0.06 16
Salt, Kosher 1/2 Tablespoon 7.20 Grams $0.02 0
Flour, White Unbleached All Purpose (as needed to work into the meat) 4 Tablespoons 1.06 Ounces $0.03 114

Salisbury Steak is a great way to serve a large tough piece of meat. By the time the meal is ready the meat will be easy enough to cut with a fork.

The goal is to not have the meat totally fall apart. You want the pieces to stay intact but to be buttery and smooth. We served this meal with mashed potatoes, but green beans, rice or just about anything else would work great.


Pre-heat the oven to 300° F.

 Slice the beef in 1 - 1 ½ inch pieces
 Lightly flour each sides and use a meat mallet to work the flour into each piece as the meat tenderizes and becomes thinner.

In a large dutch oven (5 - 8 quarts) sear the tenderized meat for 4 minutes on each side. Add salt and pepper to each side.

Remove the seared meat and put aside while you sear the next piece.


Rough chop the celery, onions and carrots. Add to the pot and deglaze with white wine or vermouth.

Add 2 - 3 cups chicken stock.

 Place the meat back in the pot and cook in the oven at 300° F for about 3 hours.