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Grilled Slow-Cooked Boneless Spare Ribs

Last Modified: 10/14/07
First Published: 07/01/07
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Views: 3976
Ok, so these pictures don't do this final product justice. Because I know it looks a little bland onboneless_ribs these pictures, but let me tell you, this meat was juicy, spicy, tender - and it ONLY took 4 hours of cooking time... hours well spent!

So we started out with giving these beautiful boneless spare ribs a nice dry rub with chili powder, cumin, salt, and lemon pepper. As we wanted to get started right away, we didn't allow the meat to rest with the rub for a few hours, which probably would have produced an even superior result, but you can't have it all...

Then we wrapped the meat tightly in aluminum foil twice into a nice little package and put it on the grill where we had arranged the coals to the sides and tried to create a relatively even, controlled heat source. We closed the lid, left the vents slightly open, put a thermometer inside it to make sure the temperature stayed within the range of 250 and 300 F degrees and set the timer for two hours. Easy - just take a look at it occasionally and maybe turn the pack once or twice to distribute the heat.
After about two hours, we moved our little package to a sheet pan into a 300 F degree oven and set the timer again for two hours. After that point, we took the meat out, poured the juices into a bowl and let the meat rest for a few minutes.

To go with this we made a nice little sauce using the drippings and bbq sauce! Simply take the drippings, let it set and remove most of the fat that goes to the surface. Add about the same amount of your favorite bbq sauce and whisk together.