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Center-Cut Beef Tenderloin Classic French Dish: Chateaubriand

Last Modified: 12/17/07
First Published: 09/16/07
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Views: 17824

Chateaubriand, is a classic French dish. The cut is from the thick center part of the beef tenderloin and the meat is traditionally served with Béarnaise sauce. Well, we are not ones to part from tradition, especially not such a classic dish. Now, here comes a method, inspired by Alton Brown's for cooking a perfectly medium-rare chateaubriand.

The meat came out beautifully pink and succulent and quite perfect. And do attempt to make this béarnaise sauce to go with it - sure the calorie intake is a little high, but you only eat this once in a while. And if you never had a taste of real béarnaise sauce before (and I don't mean the bland powder form, which I haven't even seen in the US) it will truly baffle your taste buds.


Method for cooking a perfect Chateaubriand

1. Start out with a nice cleaned, tenderloin roast cut (slightly over one pound) from the center of the whole tenderloin.

2. Apply a mixture of salt, pepper and cumin on the meat, and let it sit out for about an hour to reach room temperature.


3. Pre-heat a cast-iron grill. Put some oil on the meat and place on the grill. Sear on each side until nice grill marks appear (about 10 minutes).


4. Remove from grill and place on a board, cover with some foil. Let the meat rest for a while and cool down - a little over 10 minutes.

5. Place the meat back on the grill pan, put a themometer in it and place in a pre-heated 250 degree F oven. Let the meat cook until it reaches an internal 135 degree F (about 30 minutes.)


6. Take the meat out, place on a cutting board and cover with foil. Let rest for another 30 minutes before cutting. Cut the meat into very thin pieces and serve.