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Camping Grilled Bananas with Chocolate in Foil

Last Modified: 07/13/10
First Published: 07/13/10
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Views: 1016

This dessert is perfect to make if you're out camping, or just cooking outside as it is fun, simple and really delicious. These banana foil packages can be placed directly in a hot fire, or on top of a grill. You eat out of your individual package which is also used as a cooking container, and then you throw away the foil, so it's pretty easy to do and there isn't a lot of cleaning up to do afterwards. Plus, this dessert is kind of fun to make, and everybody absolutely loves the combination of warm banana with melted chocolate, especially if it's a cool night or evening.

All you need is bananas, chocolate and aluminum foil. When it comes to the chocolate, you really have options. We have made these in the past with mint chocolate candy, which has come out great and we have also used pure dark chocolate. My guess is that almost any nice chocolate, dark or milk would work well.


Keep the bananas in their peel, but make a score along the hole banana. In the score stuff several pieces of chocolate – put as many as you can fit in there. Then wrap the whole stuffed banana in foil and make sure to secure it tightly. Now either toss the packages directly in a fire or on top of the grill. You want to cook them for quite a while and you really want the banana peel to turn dark (almost black). Then you know the bananas are soft and the chocolate is melted, so give them at least 10-15 minutes in the fire or on the grill.

After this remove the packs with tongs and let them cool down for a minute before eating. Carefully open each package, and with a spoon eat the chocolate and the banana from the score. This is also wonderful to serve with vanilla ice cream if you happen to have any on hand.