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Dark Chocolate Ganache Tort

Last Modified: 02/23/08
First Published: 02/15/08
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Views: 1688

chocolate ganache tortFor a simple rich dessert we decided to try something with just a few ingredients and no complicated cooking times. This turned out just great and set up in about an hour.

We have found that using any decent dark chocolate works great and that you can't really tell the difference in the kinds of chocolate without a direct taste comparison.

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General Info
Servings: 8
Total Cost: $4.87
Cost Per Serving: $0.61
Total Calories: 3,813
Calories/Serving: 477
Chocolate Chips, Semi Sweet * 8.00 Ounces $1.26 1,210
Heavy Whipping Cream 36% 2 Cups 480.00 Grams $2.25 1,600
Butter, Unsalted 5 Tablespoons 70.00 Grams $0.31 500
Graham Crackers * 4.20 Ounces $1.05 503
Methodchocolate ganache tort

To make the crust place the graham crackers in the food processor and pulse until pretty fine. In a seperate bowl add 5 tablespoons of melted butter to the crumbs. Then work into a tart pan, pressing firmly in the corners to form a nice crust. No pre-baking is necessary.

Bring the cream to a simmer. Place the chocolate in a food processor and pour on the hot cream. Pulse until everything is well blended.

Pour the hot chocolate in the prepared crust and chill for at least an hour.

Add some whipped cream for a nice topping.