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Spinach, Frozen

Last Modified: 03/30/08
First Published: 12/11/07
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Views: 1120
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Spinach, Frozen
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Calories: 20.00
Volume: 0.75
Spinach is a leafy plant of the Amaranthaceae family. Spinach is in fact highly nutritious. It does not contain as high iron contents as commonly believed, however it is still a good source of iron and other minerals. Spinach contains exceptionally high levels of vitamin K, vitamin A, manganese and folate as well as high levels of magnesium, iron and vitamin C.

There are three basic types of spinach: savoy, flat/smooth leaf spinach and semi-savoy. The leaves of the different types of spinach range from dark, crinkly and curly to smooth and broader. When cooked the volume of the spinach is decreased dramatically as spinach contains high levels of water.

Spinach can be enjoyed cooked as well as uncooked. Raw spinach is perfect to use in salads, where as cooked spinach works nicely in stews, soups etc... You purchase both fresh spinach as well as cooked spinach which is usually sold frozen.

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