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Peas, Green, Petits

Last Modified: 03/30/08
First Published: 12/10/07
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Views: 1211
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Peas, Green, Petits
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Calories: 70.00
Volume: 0.66
Petits pois are young garden peas of no specific variety. Frozen peas are frozen within an hour orpeas_petits_pois two of harvesting and have a greater nutritional value than canned peas.

The pea is botanically not a vegetable but a fruit. Peas are contained within a pod when they grow. Some varieties of peas produce edible pods, however garden or "English" Peas have to be shelled and you discard the shells.

Peas are often served boiled and simply flavored with butter, salt and pepper. Fresh peas are also used in pot pies, salads and casseroles. Peas are used in various parts of the world and can be found fresh, frozen, canned, dried and roasted.

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