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Avocado Ice Cream

Last Modified: 07/31/08
First Published: 07/13/08
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Views: 1550
avocado ice cream
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General Info
Servings: 4
Total Cost: $2.76
Cost Per Serving: $0.69
Total Calories: 1,190
Calories/Serving: 297
Avocados, Hass (1 medium to large) * 170.00 Grams $1.00 284
Milk, Whole 1/2 Cup 120.00 Grams $0.12 75
Cream, Light, Half & Half 1 Cup 242.00 Grams $1.30 315
Sugar, White Granulated 2/3 Cups 132.00 Grams $0.17 511
Salt, Kosher 1/2 Teaspoon 2.40 Grams $0.01 0
Cayenne Pepper (optional) 1/4 Teaspoon 0.44 Gram $0.01 1
Lime Juice, fresh 1 Tablespoon 0.50 Ounce $0.15 4

We adapted this recipe from a cold avocado soup recipe we made. Since we had some leftovers, and it was very hot out we decided to try it as ice cream. Avocados are the perfect fruit to use as an ice cream base. It is full of fat, so you can avoid using eggs or heavy cream and it is very creamy, and it is even easier to make than traditional egg-based ice cream.

At first you might think it is strange that there is salt and cayenne pepper but you have to remember that we originally had this as a cold soup. One thing we noticed right away is that the cayenne is much stronger when it is cold, or it could be from the fact that the leftover soup sat overnight in the fridge.

This recipe makes a very small batch. But if you are unsure about using avocados in ice cream then a small batch might be the best way to try it.

Our conclusion is that avocados are a great way to make ice cream. We were thinking of ways to make other flavors and we think this would be a great way to make a base to flavor in many ways. Maybe not chocolate, but by adding some almond extract or vanilla extract with some whole berries or marchiano cherries or even pistachio nuts you would have a great dessert and it is naturally green.

Makes 3/4 of a quart


Cut and peel one medium to large avocado and place it in a blender with the whole milk, salt and pepper. Blend until completely smooth. Chill for a few hours then add the lime juice, half and half, and sugar. Chill further if necessary. The best ice cream is when all the ingredients are as cold as possible.

Place the mixture in your ice cream machine according to the instructions - we did it for a half hour.

Serve soft or freeze for a few hour until it is hard.