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Iced Cold Coffee Mocha with Cold Brewed Coffee

Last Modified: 07/31/08
First Published: 07/15/08
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Views: 2344
iced mocha coffee
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General Info
Servings: 4
Total Cost: $1.52
Cost Per Serving: $0.38
Total Calories: 892
Calories/Serving: 223
Coffee, Strong Brewed, Generic 9 Fl Ounces 9.00 Ounces $0.18 6
Ice, Cubes or Crushed 3 Cups 0.88 Pound $0.19 0
Cream, Light, Half & Half 1/2 Cup 121.00 Grams $0.65 158
Simple Syrup 1/3 Cup 191.40 Grams $0.17 511
Chocolate Syrup 1/4 Cup 78.00 Grams $0.34 218

For a great and cheap summer dessert we wanted to have a coffee flavored iced drink. So last evening we prepared some cold brewed coffee by adding 6 tablespoons of coarsly ground coffee grinds to about 10 ounces of water. You just let it sit out overnight and filter out the grinds.

Cold brewed coffee is less bitter and more caffeine intense, so it is great to use for cold drinks, or for just adding over ice with a little cream.

Makes about 5 cups of Iced Mocha


Add ice, coffee, simple syrup, chocolate syrup and cream and blend until combined.

Pour into wine or cocktail glass. You could serve over ice. We added homemade Chocolate Italian Ice for extra flavor