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Making and Decorating Sugar Cookies with Icing

Last Modified: 12/23/11
First Published: 10/28/07
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Views: 5610

Sugar cookies are perfect for Christmas and Thanksgiving. We like to decorate our cookies using thesugar cookie with icing most simple icing you can make. Powedered Sugar and a little bit of cream.

This Sugar Cookie recipe was used to make the cookies.

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General Info
Servings: 50
Total Cost: $0.45
Cost Per Serving: $0.01
Total Calories: 380
Calories/Serving: 8
Sugar, Powdered Unsifted * 3.00 Ounces $0.28 340
Cream, Light, Half & Half 2 Tablespoons 30.25 Grams $0.16 39

In a bowl with the powdered sugar work in the half and half with a spoon until the icing begins to form. At first it seems there might not be enough liquid but if you keep working it the icing will form.

Use a toothpick to move some of the gel food coloring into the icing. Continue to work the icing with your spoon.

If you want to use multiple colors or make more icing just double the batch and seperate the colors into separate bowls.
powdered sugar gel food coloring
icing green

To spread the icing on the fully cooled cookies we used a small silicon spatula. We put a thick coat on each cookie and then put sprinkles on, or used a toothpick with some of the food coloring to draw designs on the cookies.

The thick icing will harden quickly so you should work fast.

sugar cookies sugar cookies