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Classic Easy Margarita

Last Modified: 08/02/10
First Published: 02/04/08
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Views: 1489

This Margarita is full of flavor and has no funny after taste that can sometimes accompany the homemade version. The real key to any citrus cocktail is fresh juice, and we have tried various alternatives, but nothing comes close to good fresh juice. Blooming the zest in the juice really brings out even more flavor.americas test kitchen margarita

We love Margaritas, and are good for more than just Mexican dishes, although they do naturally pair perfectly with spicy, rich foods. 

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General Info
Servings: 4
Total Cost: $10.16
Cost Per Serving: $2.54
Total Calories: 1,496
Calories/Serving: 374
Triple Sec 1 Cup 8.00 Ounces $3.79 720
Tequila, Light 1 Cup 8.00 Ounces $4.10 512
Lemon, Whole (3 lemons with zest) * 9.00 Ounces $0.95 52
Limes (3 limes with zest) * 6.00 Ounces $1.27 38
Sugar, Superfine 1/4 Cup 45.00 Grams $0.06 174


Zest and juice 3 limes and 3 lemons. Add the superfine sugar and let sit for a few hours (at least 4 hours or overnight).

In a pitcher add the tequila, triple sec and juice (sift out the zest) and stir, or shake. Pour over ice.

To salt the rims of the cocktail glasses, dip the edge in triple sec and rub over sea salt or kosher salt.