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Polder Pocket Size Digital Instant-Read Thermometer

Last Modified: 12/30/09
First Published: 12/30/09
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Views: 428

Brand & Type: Polder Pocket Size Digital Instant-Read Thermometer

Rating: High

Price: medium

Description: small instant-read digital thermometer

Pros: small, reads quickly, celcius and farenheit readings

Cons: none

Conclusion: We have used many thermometers, both analog and digital (digital is better), usually probe types or candy/fry thermometers. This is a nice deisgn, because it is small and you can put it in a shirt pocket it does not have any wires to get in the way and is perfect for grilling. You don't put this kind in the meat and leave it like a probe thermometer, you would use it to quickly get the temp of meat in a frying pan or grill.

It is helpful to have this type around, as well as the probe types since we like many different styles.