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Martha Stewart's Glass Oven & Storage Set

Last Modified: 06/07/19
First Published: 01/13/08
Views: 19572
Views: 19572

Brand & Type: Martha Stewart's 14-Piece Glass Oven & Storage Setglass storage bowls

Price Range: Low around $20

Rating: High

Description: 14 piece glass bowl set with 2 2-cup bowls, 1 4-cup,1 7-cup, 1 1 7/8 baking dish, 1 4 3/4 cup baking dish, and 1 11-cup. Each glass bowl comes with a plastic lid.

Pros: Durable glass for baking, serving and storage. Microwaveable, freezer,dishwasher and oven safe. Nice tight fitting lids.

Cons: Maybe a little heavy but that's all.

Conclusion: Sturdy storage set with good sizes for leftovers or any small baking item. I like the glass so much better than the plastic ones that break, leak, discolor or the lids don't fit properly. Martha designs a nice functional product.

Update: Some of the comments mention that the lids have cracked. We have experienced the same thing on one of the lids. As far as we know no one sells repacement lids.

Calphalon Cookware from Kohls

Last Modified: 04/13/16
First Published: 04/08/08
Views: 2643
Views: 2643

The Calphalon line of cookware has so many choices and this ProSignature series is no exception. The nonstick cooks evenly and is scratch reistant. Handles are sturdy and comfortable to use. The hardest part is deciding which piece to purchase.

Cooking with Calphalon ProSignature Nonstick Hard-Anodized 10-in. Omelet Pan

Whether you're frying up an omelet or a few strips of bacon, this exceptional omelet pan is just what you need in your kitchen. Featuring a heavy-gauge anodized aluminum construction for even heat distribution and scratch resistance. With a nonstick surface for superior release and easy cleanup. Plus, a soft-touch handle provides a safe, comfortable grip. And a flared rim makes pouring your food directly onto a plate a snap!

Calphalon Omlette Pan

Cooking with Calphalon Stir Fry Pan

Come on and stir it up. This pan will make you want to stay in the kitchen. Featuring a durable porcelain enamel exterior that's highly resistant to moisture, oils, food odors and scratches. And round, sloped sides that give you extra room to rotate and stir ingredients quickly. With a nonstick cooking surface, so you get quick and easy food release and even easier cleanup. Plus, textured, comfort-grip silicone handles that stay cool to the touch for a safe grip.

Calphalon Stir Fry Pan

Cooking with Calphalon ProSignature Nonstick Hard-Anodized Grill/Griddle Pan

Versatility at its finest! Cook nearly every meal on this convenient grill/griddle combination pan. Featuring a heavy-gauge anodized aluminum construction for even heat distribution and scratch resistance. With a durable nonstick interior for a mess-free cleanup. Plus, soft-touch handles that stay cool on the stovetop for safe and comfortable handling.

Calphalon Grill/Griddle

Calphalon is available at

Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 11-Inch Square Griddle

Last Modified: 04/13/16
First Published: 11/11/07
Views: 1812
Views: 1812

Brand & Type: Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 11-Inch Square Griddlegriddle

Price range: Medium, around $40

Rating: Medium

Description: 11 inch square griddle with an arched handle. Made of hard-anodized aluminum exterior with a nonstick top surface.

Pros: This griddle is heavy and sturdy and perfect for a variety of tasks. It heats evenly and is oven safe.

Cons: The nonstick surface makes it a questionable candidate for high temperatures and oven cooking.

Conclusion: This griddle is perfect when making pancakes and eggs and the large square surface provides plenty of space. Our only concern is the nonstick surface which makes it unsuitable for cooking fajitas over high heat, then a cast iron griddle would be a better choice.

Calphalon Boston Shaker Set

Last Modified: 04/13/16
First Published: 04/04/08
Views: 1354
Views: 1354

Brand & Type: Calphalon Boston Shaker Set

Price Range: medium, around $40

Rating: 8Calphalon Boston Shaker Set

Description: The Boston shaker is a two part shaker set consisting of one sturdy glass and one stainless steel tumbler. This set is very robust and sturdy.

Pros: This set can hold a lot of liquid and allows you to make at least three drinks. This is a very well made set, the glass is thick and sturdy and the stainless steel tumbler is tapered as well.

Cons: The method one uses to make drinks with this shaker might be a problem for some, then perhaps a Cobbler Cocktail Shaker would be a better choice.

Conclusion: We like this set a lot since it gives the bartender a lot of control and the glass is nice and large. Once you get the hang on using a Boston shaker, it's quite easy. A Boston shaker set can be found in most kitchen stores and in some liquor stores.

From the manufacturer:

"This beautifully crafted barware will help you shake up cocktails that are truly stirring. Designed as a contemporary bar top accessory, the centerpiece of this set is a brilliant 18/10 stainless steel shaker with tapered contours that make handling easy. A complementary glass with Calphalon® logo contains the cocktail until it's ready to pour. An essential strainer completes this stylish set. Lifetime warranty. Set include: 28 oz. Boston shaker, 16 oz. glass and strainer"

The set is available at

Endurance Smidgen Pinch Dash Measuring Spoons

Last Modified: 12/07/15
First Published: 11/07/07
Views: 5212
Views: 5212

Brand & Type: Endurance Smidgen Pinch Dash Measuring Spoons


Price range: low

Rating: High

Description: Stainless Steel Smidgen Pinch Dash Measuring Spoons connected by a removable ring.

Pros: Works perfectly.

Cons: None

Conclusion: These are great to have around. Maybe not a necessity but these would be a great gift for a serious cook.


  • Smidgen: 1/32 teaspoon
  • Pinch: 1/16 teaspoon
  • Dash: 1/8 teaspoon