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Cobbler Cocktail Shaker Set

Last Modified: 05/22/14
First Published: 11/08/07
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Views: 3139

Brand & Type: Cobbler Shaker Setcobbler_shaker

Price Range: Medium - Low

Rating: High

Description: Classic cocktail shaker made of three pieces: one metal tumbler, one strainer lid, and one small cap that fits over the lid and covers the strainer that is built into the lid. Sturdy model made of stainless steel.

Pros: The method one uses to make drinks with this shaker is easy and straight forward. You simply fill the tumbler with ice and drink contents, cover with both lids and shake. Remove the top lid and pour a strained drink.

Cons: This shaker is quite small and only fits two drinks.

Conclusion: This set is nice and sturdy, however quite small. The pieces fit together nicely and everything works fine. We do however prefer the Boston Shaker model as it gives the bartender more control. A classic cobbler set can becobbler_shaker found in most kitchen stores as well as liquor stores.