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Boston Shaker Cocktail Set

Last Modified: 04/11/08
First Published: 11/08/07
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Views: 1542

Brand & Type: Boston Shakerboston_shaker

Price Range: Low - Medium

Rating: High

Description: The Boston shaker is a two part shaker set consisting of one sturdy glass and one stainless steel tumbler. This set is very robust and sturdy.

Pros: This set can hold a lot of liquid and allows you to make at least three drinks. This is a very well made set, the glass is thick and sturdy and the stainless steel tumbler is tapered as well.

Cons: The method one uses to make drinks with this shaker might be a problem for some, then perhaps a Cobbler Cocktail Shaker would be a better choice.

Conclusion: We like this set a lot since it gives the bartender a lot of control and the glass is nice and large. Once you get the hang on using a Boston shaker, it's quite easy. A Boston shaker set can be found in most kitchen stores and in some liquor stores.