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Polder Electronic Clock, Timer & Stopwatch

Last Modified: 04/04/08
First Published: 04/04/08
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Brand & Type: Polder Electronic Clock, Timer & Stopwatch

Price range: around $18

Model: 159438

Rating: 8Polder Electronic Clock Timer

Description: multiple kitchen timer.

Pros: great idea, everyone needs one of these kitchen timers to keep track of multiple cooking times.

Cons: small display.

Conclusion: Every oven needs a kitchen timer, especially if you have multiple dishes going at the same time.

From the manufacturer:

This hang-around-the-neck timer weighs in at a mere 1½ ounces, so you'll barely know the timer is there until a soft staccato of beeps issues from its trim, slender body to signal the alarm. This item was tested, rated and comes recommended by the professionals at America's Test Kitchen."

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