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Overview of Cast Iron Pots and Pans

Last Modified: 10/11/09
First Published: 04/01/07
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Views: 2022

We believe cast iron in general is used too rarely in most kitchens.

Over the years we have collected many pieces from dutch ovens to frying pans of all sizes. For the most part the upkeep and seasoning are minimal and all the pieces we use have been excellent. Recently we have been using a cast iron griddle for pancakes.

Since cast iron is so dense it usually takes a few minutes longer to heat on the stove top but that just makes it better for serving.

And because it has no plastic parts or any non-stick coating it is excellent to use in the oven.

Seasoning Recommedations: We have found that if you use the pan a lot you do not really need to season too much, but it does seem to help if you at least place the pan or pot on the stove top and heat it quite high and then lightly coat inside with some light oil every 6 months or so.

Some articles we have read suggest to repeat the process before every use, although we have found it to be enough to do only once in a while.

Cleaning Recommendations: We never use soap or any detergent on our cast iron. Using hot water and a stiff cleaning brush should be enough to remove any food. As time goes on the seasoning process will help to make your cast iron even easier to clean.