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Emerilware Cast Iron Gumbo Pot

Last Modified: 04/11/08
First Published: 03/29/08
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Views: 1313

Emerilware has a nice line of cast iron cookware with many pieces to choose from - skillets to stock pots to griddles. They are all preseasoned and last a lifetime. This gumbo pot is large enough for a party or just to have some leftovers.

This pot have really nice handles built in, unlike many that have a wire handle and are built for camp fires.

"Cast iron cookware has been around for 200 years and still offers top performance so you can cook up scrumptious dining delights. This heavy-duty cast iron gumbo pot is preseasoned and ready for use. Use of soap, detergents and dishwasher not recommended as they will take the seasoning out of the pan and can cause sticking."

Cast Iron Gumbo Pot Emerilware Cast Iron Gumbo Pot


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