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Old Mountain Cast Iron Griddle Grill

Last Modified: 10/11/09
First Published: 10/06/09
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Views: 636

Brand & Type: Old Mountain Cast Iron Griddle Grill

Price: low, around $20

Description: 14 inch long, 7 inches wide cast iron grill griddle

Rating: 9

Pros: excellent cooking surface

Cons: requires two burners, pre-seasoned, a bit annoying to clean

Conclusion: We recently picked this grill/griddle up at a discount cooking store so that we could make at least two pancakes at the same time. What we really wanted was cast iron and this has worked perfectly.

Previously we used a smaller farberware non-stick, but the cast iron heats better and makes a crispier pancake. In the photo we were making corn-meal pancakes.

The key is to heat up both burners to medium, for at least 5 minutes. The longer you heat the cast iron up the more even the heating will be.

So far the pre-seasoning has been good. But we seasoned it in the oven anyway with a light coating of oil on 300 degrees F for about 45 minutes.