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Mauviel Copper 7 3/4 inch Fry Pan

Last Modified: 01/27/09
First Published: 04/01/07
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Views: 2456

Brand & Type: Mauviel 7 3/4 inch Fry Pan

Price range: High

Rating: 9

Copper sweet copper. This sautee pan is absolutely gorgeous, extremely useful and so heat sensitive that it sautees and sears beautifully.

Description: The pan is made of copper, lined with stainless steel and has a brass handel. It has an elegant shape with smooth edges and a slightly curved handle which is rounded on its downside and flat on its top, making it quite comfortable in your hand. The copper bottom of the pan will get slightly tainted and colored over time as heat and use gives it a deep, lustrous, antique look. But that only adds to its perfection somehow.

Pros: This pan cooks eggs better than anything we have ever seen! Scrambled, fryed, and in shapes of individual omelets; it makes the eggs taste better somehow and its heat sensitivity gives the cook a lot of control. Also, sauteed vegetables and seared meat, (steaks and fine cuts in particular) brown so wonderfully and are given a nice seared surface. Sauces are another option! Light reductions, red wine sauces etc - again the heat sensitive copper works wonderfully.

Cons: It should be noted that the handle gets hot very quickly - so you do need something to hold it with or you'll burn yourself.

Conclusion: Hot handle apart, we can think of nothing bad with this pan. If you appreciate fine quality and can afford the extra cost - we highly recommand this one!